Your chance to form future digital industries…

…as they should be for you, for your team and for the world

Digitalisation is an evolution we can influence.

Grab your notebook, find some wifi, do your work and you are part of digitalisation. This fact allows us to form digital structures on our own. We decide in which way, where and for what we want to use these digital possibilities.

Let’s use our influence to create a sustainable way to earn our money.

Working should be more than just earning money to pay our monthly expenses. We should earn our money without straining our body or waste resources. We can make it sustainable, even for countries with less digital industry by forming fair structures for us, for the company, for them – from the very beginning.

Kumbayja wants to provide the frame conditions for a sustainable digital industry

The idea is to create a Digital Federation.

Together with like-minded Digital Cosmopolitans we want to form a federation where digital structures are used to influence the manner of working and living in the most positive way for everybody.

Together with countries that have less digital industry.

To make this vision work, we decided to start in small, open minded countries, flexible enough to believe in the vision of a Digital Federation. They participate by increasing their digital industry and enable Digital Cosmopolitans to work and live for a certain time in their country.

By implementing a Cycle of Give'n'Take

Get something you need by giving something you have in abundance.

Countries that take part in the Digital Federation all provide the same frame conditions for Digital Cosmopolitans who work in their country for a certain time. In return the Digital Cosmopolitans share their knowledge with the local community to help increase the digital industry of the country.

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We are just beginning but we have already proven that it works

The Seychelles and Mauritius provide visa for Digital Cosmopolitans.

We are proud to announce the Seychelles and Mauritius actively support our first steps to a Digital Federation. Together with these two countries we created special visa that allow you to stay up to one year including your work permit. In addition, you are able to move between part-taking countries by using this visa. It is a clear sign that it is possible to disable borders where they don’t need to exist. We hope to convince more countries to share our vision.

live-e press founded by a Seychellois now growing through the help of Kumbayja.

Sharing what matters: liv-e press is a ready to use Do-It-Yourself, investment free, publishing and monetising tool designed to easily grow your business. It provides you with an effective & profitable solution to launch a digital publication that reaches larger target groups and reduces your running costs. liv-e press ultimately delivers your readers an effective user experience to easily access & share your digital information.

for you

Come to a place where work feels as good as life and give your knowledge to your hosts.

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for teams

Come to a place to develop the power of your team and give your experience to your host country.

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the network

Use this testing ground for ideas and share your approach for the Digital Federation.

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