Benefit from the experiences of Digital Cosmopolitans

Sometimes it is this single person who brings us forward.

Feedback, inspiration, a helping hand or just a simple question is what brings us forward. But how do you get that? Kumbayja provides a network of like-minded people and Digital Cosmopolitans willing to share their knowledge to help you further your goals. Friends for a confidential chat about the uncertainties of being a founder, supporters who give a helping hand in a project and elders who can actually advise you on your situation.

Friends – your confidential partner.

Sometimes you need someone to talk to. Someone who knows your challenges, because this person has been there. Our Friends would love to help you as a sparring partner – confidential and at eye level. In a first step we enable a one hour call and if you match you have the opportunity to invite your new friend to the islands as your business companion during your stay on the island. So you can get for example one week of intensive sparring for roundabout € 2.000. Compared to the usual rates it is a bargain.

Topics a friend can help you:

Foundation Prozess
Investor handling
"Growing pains"
Personal guide
Using Digitalisation
Product development
Become more profitable
Be more innovative
Optimise sales
Optimise technology
New positioning
Company relocation

Ask for a friend

We would like to ensure that you find a match.

Supporter – your helping hand.

You have an idea that needs to be implemented? A problem that needs to be solved? A project you need a team for? Behind Kumbayja there’s a network of selected supporters, such as freelancers and small companies, willing to help you. In your headquarters at home as well as during your stay on the island.

Task a supporter can solve for you:

Idea development
Product and CI-Design
Content production
Frontend development
Backend development
Business consulting
Start-up consultancy
Relocation consultancy
Interims Management
Coaching and teaching 
Marketing and web conception
Business and marketing strategy

Ask for a supporter.

We would like to ensure you find the right supporter.

Elders – helmsmen on our way to a Digital Federation.

To build up a Digital Federation affects many aspects: economic models, work models, organisational structures and legal framework to name just a few of them. Elders advise on different topics, helping to find new approaches. Of course, they are willing to share their knowledge and their experience. Just ask Kumbayja, where and when you can meet our Elders.

We are just beginning but we have already proven that it works

The Seychelles and Mauritius provide visa for Digital Cosmopolitans.

We are proud to announce the Seychelles and Mauritius actively support our first steps to a Digital Federation. Together with these two countries we created special visa that allow you to stay up to one year including your work permit. In addition, you are able to move between part-taking countries by using this visa. It is a clear sign that it is possible to disable borders where they don’t need to exist. We hope to convince more countries to share our vision.