Come to a place where work feels as good as life

Find your Work Life Blend.

Kumbayja provides a place, where work does not prevent you from living, but is an integrated part of it. Therefore we created the product range Work Life Blend. Especially for people like you, who have the possibility to be self-determined. Kumbayja creates the necessary structure and the legal frame conditions in order to do your job in the most beautiful places on earth.

Define your period for your home office in paradise.

For a certain time, Kumbayja guides you to one of the most beautiful islands – the Seychelles or Mauritius. Here you can soak up the sun, enjoy the beach and impressive surroundings and meet new people while simply doing your job as you would do at home.

Doing your job in paradise really is that easy.

Kumbayja is a proven lifestyle, not just a grandiose idea – it is our lifestyle already in which you can share. We don’t just think it works, we know it does. We were in similar situations as you are in now. We also asked ourselves if it is that easy to leave the office and daily structures behind and do business stuff on an island. But we simply did it and we know exactly what we are talking about. We want you to benefit from our experiences and the structures we built. A place where work is not very different from life. Yes, it is that easy…

Grab your Notebook

Catch a flight

Start doing your job in paradise

It’s not about if you can, it’s about if you want. Your life, your work, your rules

What Kumbayja offers you:

Work Life Retreat

Find your personal rhythm between work and life. Let the breathtaking environment guide you and step out of old patterns – try something completely new. Work won’t keep you from living any longer.

Strategic Deep Dive

Get away from superficial strategic thinking and take your strategic deep dive in a surrounding that gives you the opportunity to do your daily business without being interrupted by itself.

Efficient Work

You don’t have to manage anything else but your own time. The environment will help you recharge energy reserves and allows you to focus on what is important. The perfect conditions for efficient work.

Find everything you need to feel welcome in your new home office.


Wether the single apartment or a bungalow close to the beach Kumbayja has your place to feel comfortable.


From necessary WIFI to the needed visa. Kumbayja services fits your needs.


You need a sparring partner for you or your work, a rental car or just a pen? Our offer is versatile.


A good word among friends, support from colleagues or professional training: Use the Network behind Kumbayja.


Paradise at its best: Diving at lunch, beach barbecue, cocktail parties or a walk with a turtle.

The voice of our community.