Free the full potential of your team

There is a place to free this potential.

Routine can be a serious opponent of productive work. Not only the daily nine to five but also long standing acquired working habits can reduce the output. But we dare say that creativity suffers for sure. To encourage your team to be their best you need pure focus by minimising the daily noise and distraction. Let them step out of their comfort zone to expand their view to find the necessary focus again – for the essentials of your business. We know how to trigger the full potential of your team.

Prepare your team for the opportunities of digitalisation.

The most important resource for your business is your team – everything stands and falls with them. What is all the money or the best idea without people, able to deal with it? A good team will carry you and your business forward. Therefore it is essential to keep them up-to-date and grant them the necessary education and working conditions. Digitalisation already changed the world significantly. This is your chance to be a successful part of the digital evolution and give your team the confidence they deserve and sometimes need.

Benefit through the experiences of Digital Cosmopolitans.

There is no perfect plan to run a business, that’s for sure. This is why exchange of experiences is that important. Benefit from the knowledge of others, their successes and even their mistakes. Kumbayja provides a network of like-minded people for knowledge exchange, professionals for support and coaches for further education. Our experiences over the past years allow us to provide professional coaching, workshops and further education to let teams participate in experiences and know-how of the Digital Cosmopolitans behind Kumbayja.

Set your goals

Send your team

Trust their power

It’s not about if you can. It is about if you want. Your choice, your team, your success

What Kumbayja offers your team:

Startup Booster

A Start-up itself is excitement at its best. Kumbayja provides a special place, a testing ground, far away from distractions and stress – an opportunity to focus with the help of like-minded people and professionals. Assistance from experts will help your team to make their way in a successful business.

Team Bonding

A bunch of individuals do not automatically form a productive team. Different opinions and stress, even simply not knowing each other can be a strain on their output. We provide a place secluded from external influences within a whole new environment to reduce interpersonal challenges – if you like, with the help of coaches.

Team Focus

To lead your business to success your team needs to be highly focused to fulfil their goals. We provide a place secluded from external influences, where your team is able to focus on the tasks they have to solve. They can benefit from an exchange of experiences to improve their working methods for a higher efficiency – if you like, with the help of experts.

What’s waiting for your team


Let’s bring your team together. There is enough space for everybody in our accommodations. We have spacious apartments and even bungalows in beautiful environments to feel particularly comfortable.


From necessary WIFI to the needed visa. Kumbayja services fits your needs. We'll take care of all of your teams needs.


Your team needs a sparring partner, a coach, working support, or just some good advice for a trip Our offer is versatile.


Use the network behind Kumbayja and benefit from the knowledge and digital know-how they achieved over time.


Get to know your team better professionally and privately. Free your mind and enjoy life while working in paradise. Diving at lunch, beach barbecue, parties or just a walk with a turtle.

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