We believe digitalisation can impact the world in a positive way…

…starting by creating a Cycle of Give'n'Take

Together with people who want to take part.

It doesn’t matter in which way you take part. The fact is, as soon as you are in you are influencing digitalisation in a positive way by participating in the Cycle of Give’n’Take. Sharing knowledge with the network means gaining experiences and spreading your word to reach other like-minded people willing to be part of the Cycle. In any case, it is always you who impact the evolution of digitalisation.

We support countries in building up their digital industry.

This is implemented by transferring your home office to countries with less digital industry and taking part in our idea of a Cycle of Give'n'Take. It is up to you to inspire local people and share your knowledge. And simply by your presence you support the country financially.

To build up a Digital Federation Kumbayja provides products tailored to your needs.

So you can easily relocate your working place – Kumbayja already created the frame conditions and provides everything you need. From property up to WIFI and a personal coaching. Most services offered are in cooperation with local people and companies to support them directly in their country. To ensure that money remains where it is needed, helping to build up their digital industry.

Your place to find your personal Work Life Blend...

...created by a like-minded team.
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A perfect surrounding for efficient teamwork...

...created by experts.

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A proving ground for testing your approaches...

...created by a visionary team.

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Get something you need by giving something you have in abundance

Kumbayja is based on the vision to build up a Digital Federation.

The Digital Federation should be formed by a number of nations, states, societies, unions, people etc., each retaining control of its own internal affairs. But all committed on frame conditions to enable a sustainable digital industry. To persuade them to take part, Kumbayja implements Cycles of Give’n’Take to benefit them.

Cycle between countries and you.

The countries we start to work with are tourism driven, democratic and open minded. They give:

  • The legal frame conditions so you can work a certain time from their country.
  • A perfect surrounding where working and living blend.
  • A proving ground for your ideas or pilot projects.

We created products to enable you to work and live for a certain time in the most stunning places of the world. You give:

  • Your digital knowledge to the local community.
  • Capital just by bringing your money during your stay. 
  • Predictable money because you are not a seasonal tourist.

Cycle between you and the network.

You are a digital expert, founder, freelancer or manager, willing to share your experience in an open and personal way. You give:

  • Your time for knowledge exchange and sparring with other people of the network.
  • Your ideas and approaches to help others in the network.
  • Your wisdom and experience wherever it is needed.

The Network is a group of like minded deeply digital people, who believe in the vision of a Digital Federation to build up a sustainable digital economy. It gives:

  • Reach and valuable contacts focussing on particular needs.
  • Feedback and sparring for every member who asks for it.
  • Inspiration and ideas in a lateral thinking way.

Cycle between the network and Kumbayja.

The network is our most powerful instrument to fill the vision of a Digital Federation with life. It gives:

  • Reach and valuable contacts with focus on particular needs for building up a Digital Federation.
  • Capital during the stay and investments for Start-ups growing with the help of Kumbayja.
  • Opportunities and ideas for building up a sustainable digital industry.

Kumbayja believes in the vision of a Digital Federation to build up a sustainable digital economy. We give:

  • Reach and valuable contacts with focus on particular needs for the network members. 
  • Capital and investments for growing Startups by network members. 
  • Opportunities and ideas for building up new digital Startups.

Cycle between Kumbayja and countries.


Kumbayja provides a concept and provides the services that are needed to drive a network for building up a Digital Federation. We give:

  • We already have a growing international network that can be used to help building up a digital industry.
  • We have a concept and the platform to bring know-how to help building up a digital industry.
  • We run several local accelerators to help Startups grow in our host countries.

Countries we work with want to build up a sustainable digital industry and believe in the concept of a Digital Federation to achieve this. They give:

  • Special visa for the network so you have the possibility to stay longer, work for your clients within safe legal frame conditions.
  • They agree in a code of conduct to build the best frame conditions for the Digital Federation.
  • They give their trust and support to Kumbayja.

We know what we do and have the right people in the background

One team, one vision, one idea but a whole lot of different experiences and skills.

We are passionate people, loving what we do. Founders, self-employers, entrepreneurs, as well as designers, developers and managers. From junior to senior, from Meerkat to Gorilla. Our community is uniquely qualified to deal with the challenges of digitalisation, to face it with their many different perspectives and skills – to consolidate a Cycle of Give'n'Take and form a Digital Federation.

Founder of Kumbayja:

Thorsten Dittmar

“One of the best things you can do with money is to invest it in experiences you can tell your grandson about.”

Thorsten started his computer science career in the early 80s, when he had a multicolor Mohawk haircut and computers were the size of garages. His first business was a one-man consulting company for the programming language Smalltalk, which grew to have offices in several countries, profitable subsidiaries and inspiring partners. From his employees he learned that power comes from simplicity, and that you only have to dig deep enough to find a really elegant and simple solution. After selling his first venture he travelled as a business angel, helping other entrepreneurs even by sharing his experiences about his mistakes. At the same time he invested in startups and started ventures in the sustainable business area. Thorsten tries to blend economic interests and social responsibility – just as Kumbayja does.

Jessica Birckner

“I don’t know if I can have a positive impact on the world but why not try?”

Born in Hamburg and now living in Berlin and on the Seychelles, Jessica started her career in marketing more than ten years ago. After countless digital brand campaigns, she put her digital knowledge to use by helping various NGOs. She learned that it needs a deeper dive than just donating money to help people. Believing digitalisation can enable people to become a part of the global economy, she helped to create a concept to use this opportunity.
Now she works hard to build up a network of people who believe in the opportunities of digitalisation just as she does. 

Jessica never understood why she had to work in an office, since her most productive time is at night. So if you want to reach her, try after midnight.

People behind Kumbayja: